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The idea of this Website is to give you a brief insight into the World of Imagination... or to put it another way, the ideal launch pad for my latest novel
Two Slice Toaster. For those who think 'Outside the Box', I'm sure that you will find this site and it's contents appealing.

As things progress I shall be adding more information, latest items and hot new projects, either through the site direct, or through the Social Networking Vehicle. Links to Follow or Like, are on this page below.

More than anything, read the three chapter pdf sample of my latest novel on Two Slice Toaster and see what you think. If you like it and want to read the whole thing, the Shop has various ways of purchasing either hard or soft copies, pdf's and EBooks, as well as various, hand held, viewing equipment and accessories.


Steve Harman                                             Updated  March 2019

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