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2 Slice Toaster

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2 Slice Toaster was an idea I had back in 2007. I wanted to write a novel based on events that would inspire a novel. As the story unfolds, the Author portrayed here, who becomes a central figure, starts to write a novel based on 'Fictional Fact'. Alongside this, the storyline has many intricate, but not too confusing parallels that merge every now and then, bringing about a number of shocking reveals and twists.
The idea for the Author Wes Deep, came to me in a bout of inspiration, whilst sitting in my conservatory, staring at a box containing a certain supermarket 'Value' Two Slice Toaster. I had my working title and backdrop in one. I thought I would make the Author into a guy who gives his books, titles of kitchen white goods and appliances, with some weird metaphoric link between the two.
Not only did this justify my choice of title, but also meant I had to come up with the aforementioned metaphor.


The first two chapters were written early 2007 and due to my workload, had to be shelved. With a stint of unemployment, a few years later and no light at the end of the tunnel, I blew off the dust and set about finishing the project. I was able to keep the original concept, although the plot changed slightly to accommodate up and coming events that would have a bearing on the 'Gangland' side of the storyline. Much of the 'Business End' hadn't changed from the original and as the big picture emerged I was able to develop a few of the characters. The ending was the only real big change and believe me, I never saw it coming too.

Steve Harman.

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