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Well after all this time, I would have thought I might get used to it at some point. In spite of being rained on most times when I go out, it doesn't seem to stop me, or anyone else for that matter, from venturing outside. So why does it matter? I don't know. Maybe it's human nature to moan about something that one has to put up with. Like pensioners in Tesco's on a Saturday, when they have all the week to do their shopping.

Steve Harman

Or people who approach a roundabout in the left hand lane and then attempt to drive all the way around on the outside. Now, let's not forget the hoards of farmers who venture onto our roads on tractors and other forms of agricultural bollocks, amid the morning or evening rush hour. They don't seem to be on the roads at any other time of the day; or the weekend for that matter. Maybe because they don't want to get stuck behind a family on bikes! Virtually everything that is done by humans, will at some point be the embuggerance of another. So will the weather, at some point do the same thing? Well yes it does, but it isn't often that I comment about the excessive amount of sunshine in the UK; or the garden could do with a drop of rain, since it hasn't rained for three months! Well, one day maybe they will become common UK phrases. In light of the Global Warming threat, I would have thought, what with all the fuss it has created, maybe the aforementioned phrases would now be common place. Why hasn't it then? Well basically it's all a load of bollocks, created by greenies, beigies and the odd veggie in a vain attempt to make themselves feel better about driving around (or knowing somebody who does) in a post war 2CV6 and trying to offset their 'carbon footprint', by subscribing to something that won't even save themselves; let alone the Planet.

Ooops... back to the point. No matter who we are, or what we are doing; while we are still human, there will always be opinions... Me, moaning about many things, as well as tractors. In turn farmers moaning about being stuck behind families on bikes; who in turn are moaning about the mud on the roads, caused by farmers... so there we have it. The likelihood of things ever changing are remote, so before I get everyone banging on my door, perhaps this will make things clearer. We all have opinions and the capability of voicing them... but who is really listening, because things are still being done the way they have always been done. So whilst the minority are trying to save the Planet; the majority aren't. So the Planet will probably end up having save itself quietly and peacefully, whilst we are too busy moaning, arguing and voicing opinions to notice.

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